About the Hosts

Vladi Private Islands

Vladi Private Islands is the world’s leading private island specialist. Formed in 1971, the company has since sold over 2,500 islands worldwide and organized over 30,000 private island vacations. Based in Hamburg, but with further offices in Canada and New Zealand, no company knows more about islands than Vladi Private Islands. The company’s founder, Farhad Vladi, has long since been fascinated by cartography and is a proud collector of antique maps from around the world.

Old Map Center

Old Map Center offers a stunning array of antique maps for sale, ranging from the 15th to the 19th century. Working online and in co-operation with Dr. Götze Land & Karte, Old Map Center’s collection encompasses all four corners of the world (but with a particular focus on antique German maps) and includes both hand-coloured maps and authentic copper engravings, all of which come with a certificates and guaranties.

Dr. Götze Land & Karte

Dr. Götze Land & Karte is the largest map and travel book store in Germany. Founded in 1946, the store has provided generations of Germans with inspiration for their next big adventure. As well as offering a wide variety of maps and guides of almost every nation on Earth, Dr. Götze Land & Karte also houses its own travel agency, Dr. Götze Flug & Reise, and also stocks a large collection of globes, atlases, antique maps and much more.

To watch a short film about the store, please click here.

Our Charitable Partner


MapAction is a leading humanitarian mapping charity that works through skilled volunteers. Within hours of an alert, teams deploy to the scene of the emergency to map the needs of affected communities. In the initial phase of a response, MapAction’s volunteers help coordinate search-and-rescue efforts and the delivery of emergency aid. In the recovery phase, they help responders understand the changing needs of survivors.